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M.R.T. Jewelers provides the following types of appraisals upon request:

Written Insurance Appraisals

    • Jewelry purchased from M.R.T.: Free of charge
    • Non-M.R.T. Jewelry: 1 item $150 , 3 items $350 (discount), 5 items $500  (capped discount)
* Appointments are required for Written Appraisals
* Please provide past appraisals and purchase receipts, if they are available.
* It may be necessary to leave items in store for up to 3 days . All items will be cleaned and repair work (if desired) will  be completed during this time.  All items are safely stored in our Vault.
 Note: Repair pricing are not included appraisal pricing.

Insurance Replacement

Free estimates for insurance replacement are available (e.g. lost or stolen jewelry, missing diamonds or gemstones).

M.R.T. can provide these estimates directly to your Insurance Company or Adjuster once you have filed a claim.

* Appointments are recommended.