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What Hand Selection Means to Us

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Our in store Diamond inventory represents the best the diamond industry has to offer.

What does that mean?  No two diamonds are identical, even two 1.00 carat GIA Graded H color SI2 clarity diamonds can present very differently.  Color can be affected positively and negatively by the Cut grade as well as Fluorescence and other markers. Likewise SI2 grades can differ wildly.  A great SI2 diamond can present as nicely as a VS2 graded diamond when mounted and offer a significant discount at retail.  

Every M.RT. diamond is individually evaluated and compared to hundreds of others available in its category before it is purchased, we negotiate for its purchase only after it proves to be in the top 10% of all diamonds in it’s category the world over.

No M.R.T. Diamond ever enters the store’s inventory unvetted or overpriced.

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